Peer-reviewed Publications

Haas, N., Haenschen K., Kumar, T., Panagopoulos, C., Peyton, K., Ravanilla, N., and Sierra-Arevalo, M. “Organizational identity and positionality in randomized control trials: considerations and advice for collaborative research teams.” Accepted, PS: Political Science and Politics.

Kumar, T., “Home-price subsidies increase local-level political participation in urban India” Journal of Politics. 84, 2022.[Pre-print] [Data and code]

Kumar, T., Post A., Ray, I., Otsuka, M., and Pardo-Bosch, F. “From public service access to service quality: The distributive politics of piped water in Bangalore” World Development 151: 105736, 2022. [Pre-print] [Data and code]

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Kumar, T., Post, A., and Ray, I. “Flows, leaks, and blockages in informational interventions: A field experimental study of Bangalore’s water Sector.” World Development 106: 149-160, 2018.[Ungated] [Data and code]

Working Papers

“How the content of demands shapes government responsiveness: theory and evidence from Mumbai.”

“Why we should study smaller cities” (with Matthew Stenberg). Draft available upon request.