Feel free to email to ask about works in progress and to check on the possibility of sharing data for working papers.

Peer-reviewed Publications

“Home-price subsidies increase local-level political participation in urban India” Forthcoming, Journal of Politics. [Appendices] [Data and code]

Kumar, T., Post, A., and Ray, I. “Flows, leaks, and blockages in informational interventions: A field experimental study of Bangalore’s water Sector.” World Development 106: 149-160, 2018. [Ungated] [Data and code]

Working Papers

“From public service access to service quality: The distributive politics of piped water in Bangalore” with Alison Post, Megan Otsuka, Francesc Pardo-Bosch, and Isha Ray (revision invited, World Development)

“The human capital effects of subsidized government-constructed homes in urban India” [Appendices]

Other Research and Writing

“Engineering predictable water? How to understand the humans that make tech innovations work.” Hyun, C. Kumar, T., Post, A. and Ray, I. In An Introduction to Development Engineering, eds. Madon, T., and Gadgil, A. Springer. Forthcoming.

“The general transit feed specification makes trip-planning easier – especially during a pandemic – yet its use by California agencies is uneven.” Trapenberg Frick, K. Kumar, T., Li, R., Patil, A., and Post, A. University of California. 2020. [Policy Brief], [Paper]

“Subsidizing homeownership builds wealth and motivates participation in urban politics: evidence from India.” In ‘Cities and Urban Politics,’ eds. Finkel, E., Lawrence, A., and Mertha, A. Newsletter of the Organized Section in Comparative Politics of the American Political Science Association, 30(1). 2020.

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